• Date:
    • Nightly | One Hour Before and at Park Close
  • Location:
    • South Entrance

It’s Universe of Light with a holiday twist! Celebrate the holiday spirit with a magical display of lights, festive music + a breathtaking grand finale! Join us nightly for an experience that will take you on an emotional journey through light and sound. Universe of Light combines cutting-edge production with the fun, playful ambiance of Nickelodeon Universe®.

Lasers, strobe lights, music and smoke effects transform the air space into a Technicolor dream sure to excite and engage adults and kids alike.


Swingin’ Holidays: 8 p.m.
Spirit of the Season: 7 + 9 p.m.


Swingin’ Holidays: 6 p.m.
Spirit of the Season: 5 + 7 p.m.