Ticket Options

Unlimited Ride Wristbands

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Available for purchase online or on-site at any Nickelodeon Universe retail location.

Any Day Admission: $44.99

  • Valid for admission on any day Nickelodeon Universe is open.

Non-Peak Admission: $39.99

  • Valid for admission on non-peak days only.
Starting at $39.99 + tax
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Point Passes

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Point Passes are available for purchase online or on-site.

  • 3-point: $4.05
  • 6-point: $8.10
  • 9-point: $12.15
  • 18-point: $23.99
  • 30-point: $32.99
  • 54-point: $51.99
  • 84-point: $76.99


Starting at 4.05 + tax
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Additional Attractions

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Additional Attraction Tickets are available for purchase online or on-site.

Moose Mountain Adventure Golf (Level 3, North)

Rock of Ages Blacklight Mini Golf (Level 3, East)

FlyOver America (Level 1, West)

Starting at 11.99 + tax
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Nickelodeon Universe Attractions

From juniors to thrill seekers, we have something for everyone!

Available for Purchase On-site

At The Park

Nickelodeon Shop

Unlimited Ride Wristbands and Point Passes can be purchased at the Nickelodeon Shop located at the North Entrance of Nickelodeon Universe. Near the Ferris Wheel. 

Food + Beverage

Select Food and Beverage locations will be open inside the Park.

North Cart. 
Near the North entrance of the Park. 

Rules & Regulations

When riding, please do not leave your items unattended. Wristbands cannot be shared, traded or exchanged. Wristbands are only valid on the day of purchase. Point Passes can be shared and do not expire. Ride Passes are non-refundable. Ride rules vary. Please check signs at ride entrances. Some rides may not accommodate guests of a larger size (height or weight) due to the configuration of the restraint.


We gladly accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We do not accept personal or travelers checks. As of September 1, 2019 all tax-exempt orders must be placed a minimum of five (5) days in advance. Tax exempt form/letters will NOT be accepted for same day processes.

Chaperone Policy

A chaperone is defined as a person who is qualified to ride and who, in the opinion of the ride operator, is capable of controlling the actions of the unqualified rider.