Our goal at Nickelodeon Universe is to make sure that you experience all the thrills and chills this theme park has to offer, while staying safe.

Many amusement park rides incorporate safety systems designed by the manufacturer to accommodate people of average physical stature and body proportions. These safety systems may place restrictions on the ability of an individual to safely experience the ride. Guests with the following may reconsider riding the ride, as the rider may not be safely accommodated:

  • History of heart problems
  • Back or neck troubles
  • Had recent surgery
  • Currently pregnant
  • Body braces, leg or arm casts
  • Restrictive devices
  • Physical disabilities

Nickelodeon Universe retail shops and Guest Services are accessible to guests with mobility impairments. Elevators are located near West Market Square to access Dutchman’s Deck on the second level.

Each ride has specific height and weight requirements. To view the safety requirements for specific rides and to read more about accessibility, please see the Rider Safety Guide at Guest Services or view the full guide online.