Where can I purchase tickets for the rides?

Point passes and unlimited ride wristbands can be purchased with a credit card at any of the automated ticket kiosks (located at each entrance). Tickets can also be purchased (with either cash or credit card) at the following locations:

  • Nickelodeon Guest Services (located near the center of the theme park across from the Carousel)
  • The following Nickelodeon Universe retail locations: NU STUFF, TOYS and Nickelodeon® Store
  • Any Mall of America Guest Service desk (located on the first floor at each of the main Mall entrances)
  • Purchase Tickets Online


Is Nickelodeon Universe open all year?

Nickelodeon Universe is open every day except for Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day. At various times of the year we rotate the operation of rides. We refresh all our rides periodically for your safety and enjoyment. Contact Nickelodeon Universe Guest Services at 952.883.8800 for questions about specific rides.


Are there any cash machines at Nickelodeon Universe?

There are two ATMs in Nickelodeon Universe:

  1. Across from the entrance to Log Chute
  2. Across from the SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover®/Novus®, and American Express® credit cards, Cash and Mobile Pay at Nickelodeon Universe. We do not accept traveler’s checks or personal checks.


What articles can I bring with me on the rides?

Most rides cannot accommodate telephones, pagers, purses, cameras, stuffed animals or bulky objects. Please leave these in a locker or with someone who’s not riding. We recommend carrying smaller belongings in pockets or secure packs that can be fastened shut to avoid losing them.

Absolutely no loose articles or packs are allowed on the following rides: SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge, Avatar Airbender, Splat-O-Sphere, Brain Surge, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shell Shock and Dutchman’s Deck Ghostly Gangplank & Anchor Drop.

Where can I find guest lockers?

Guest lockers are located at the North entrance of Nickelodeon Universe under the El Circulo del Cielo Ferris Wheel. You can also find lockers on the first level at each of the four main entrances to Mall of America.


What happens if my group gets separated?

Nickelodeon Universe does not have a public address system. Please make sure all members of your group know where and when to meet. If you get separated, look for lost children at Nickelodeon Universe Guest Services (located near the center of the theme park across from the Carousel).


Am I allowed to smoke in Nickelodeon Universe?

In accordance with Bloomington City Council Ordinance, Nickelodeon Universe prohibits smoking. Smoking is allowed outside Mall of America, 25 feet or more.


Can I bring my own food into Nickelodeon Universe?

Due to local health regulations, outside food and beverages are not allowed inside Nickelodeon Universe.


Do you offer strollers or wheelchairs for rent?

Mall of America has a limited supply of strollers and wheelchairs available to rent on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more information, visit the Mall of America Guest Service desks, located at the main entrances of the Mall on the first level.


Are cameras allowed in Nickelodeon Universe?

Guests may photograph or film their visit to Nickelodeon Universe for private use only. Picture taking on most rides is not allowed due to safety precautions. Ride operators may not hold cameras for guests. Cameras are considered loose articles and must follow loose article policy. Cameras are permitted on El Circulo del Cielo Ferris Wheel and the bench of the Carousel.

Nickelodeon Universe ride photos are available for purchase at Log Chute, Pepsi® Orange Streak and SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge. Character photos can be purchased at the Blue Spot or Green Spot.


What is Nickelodeon Universe’s policy on line jumping?

We want everyone to have a fair chance to enjoy a ride as quickly as possible. That’s why line jumping (cutting in front of guests, leaving the line, attempting to re-enter or saving places in line) is not permitted under any circumstances.


Does Nickelodeon Universe have a dress code?

Nickelodeon Universe is a family-oriented theme park and appropriate dress is required at all times. Shirts and shoes are required. Graphics and language on clothing must be appropriate while in the park. Bathing suits are not allowed.

Additional dress code requirements apply at Ghostly Gangplank. Click here for more information.


Is there a first-aid station at Nickelodeon Universe?

Mall of America Security assists with all first aid requests. If you are in need of first aid, stop by Guest Services, located near the center of the park, across from the Carousel.