Q: When is Nickelodeon Universe re-opening?
A: Nickelodeon Universe is now open at a limited 250-person capacity.

Q: What are Nickelodeon Universe’s hours?
A: Nickelodeon Universe will be open Sunday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Q: What will the pricing be to get into Nickelodeon Universe?
A: Pricing is as follows:
• $19.99 (plus tax)* for a Two-Hour Unlimited Ride Pass that will start once scanned at the first ride during non-peak days and $24.99 (plus tax)* on peak-days. See the peak-day schedule here:
• $4.99 (plus tax) for a Non-Rider Pass, in other words, anyone else entering the park but not riding.

Q: What rides will be open?
A: The following rides will be open:

Junior/Family Rides

  • Backyardigans Swing-Along (47” to ride)
  • Big Rigs (36” to ride unless accompanied by chaperone)
  • Blue’s Skidoo (36” to ride unless accompanied by chaperone)
  • Carousel (42” to ride unless accompanied by chaperone)
  • Diego’s Rescue Rider (42” to ride unless accompanied by chaperone)
  • Ghost Blasters (42” to ride unless accompanied by chaperone)
  • Guppy Bubbler (42” to ride unless accompanied by chaperone)
  • Swiper’s Sweeper (42” to ride unless accompanied by chaperone)

Thrill Rides

  • Brain Surge (48” to ride)
  • Fairly Odd Coaster (47” to ride alone, 43” when accompanied by a chaperone)
  • Pepsi Orange Streak (47” to ride alone, 43” when accompanied by chaperone)
  • SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge (48’ to ride)

Q: Why are some rides not open?
A: Certain attractions will not be available during this initial phase of reopening due to the reduced capacity levels, and to assure the ability to safely social distance.

Q: Where can I purchase a Two-Hour Unlimited Ride Pass + a Non-Rider Pass?
A: Tickets will only be sold in the Nickelodeon Store, which is located at the North entrance of Nickelodeon Universe near the Ferris Wheel.

Q: Where do I enter Nickelodeon Universe?
A: Guests will only be allowed through a single entry point of Nickelodeon Universe, currently located at the North Entrance to the Park. All other entry points to the park will remain closed.

Q: When does the two hours start for my Two-Hour Unlimited Ride Pass?
A: The two hours begins when you scan your Two-Hour Unlimited Ride Pass at your first ride.

Q: Why are you only offering a two-hour wristband option?
A: With a reduced capacity of 250 people maximum, there will be little to no wait for most rides. It will almost be like having the park to yourself. Two hours will allow most guests the chance to fully enjoy the rides and attractions. The two-hour wristband also allows us the opportunity to have additional guests throughout the day – spreading the joy.

Q: I have a previously purchased All-Day Ride Wristband. Will this be valid for entry?
A: A Two-Hour Unlimited Ride Pass is required for entry to the Park + access to the available rides. We encourage guests to save previously purchased Nickelodeon Universe tickets until we fully reopen, but you can redeem unused All-Day Ride Wristbands for Two-Hour Unlimited Ride Pass at the Nickelodeon Store at the North entrance of the Park. If the unused ticket was purchased directly from Nickelodeon Universe, guests would have the option of having their ticket refunded and putting the value towards a Two-Hour Unlimited Ride Pass.

Q: Can Annual Passholders receive a Two-Hour Unlimited Ride Pass + a Non-Rider Pass?
A: Annual Passholders can get one two-Hour Unlimited Rides Pass per day. Accompanying chaperones will need to purchase a $4.99 (plus tax) non-rider pass.

Q: Why are Annual Passholders only allowed one pass per day?
A: This is to ensure that as many guests as possible per day have the option to enjoy the Park.

Q: Will my Annual Pass be extended due to the closure of Nickelodeon Universe?
A: Yes, all Annual Passes will be extended by the number of days Nickelodeon Universe has remained closed or at reduced operation. While Annual Passholders will have access to one Two-Hour Unlimited Ride Pass each day, this initial phase of the Park’s reopening will not count towards an Annual Pass’ expiration date.

Q: Will there be any character meet + greets?
A: At this time, characters will be unavailable for meet + greets.

Q: When will the Park reach capacity every day?
A: Although we aren’t sure, we believe capacity may be reached early in the day, therefore guests who arrive when the Park is at capacity will have the opportunity to join a virtual queue and be notified when they are able to enter Nickelodeon Universe to begin their two-hour unlimited park experience.

Q: How will capacity be monitored?
A: Capacity will be controlled by only allowing guests through a single entry point of Nickelodeon Universe. All other entry points to the Park will remain closed. Only guests who have purchased a ticket will have access to walk through the Park.

Q: What is the capacity of Nickelodeon Universe?
A: For the best guest experience + to assure safe distancing inside the Park, we are limiting guest capacity to 250 people and have installed floor markings to provide guests with the most up-to-date distance guidelines.

Q: Why is the capacity only 250 people at a time?
A: To meet current Minnesota State guidelines, Nickelodeon Universe will operate with a significantly reduced capacity of 250 people throughout the seven-acre theme park at any given time.

Q: What if I want to visit FlyOver America?
A: Guest who only want to visit FlyOver America can enter through the West entrance of Nickelodeon Universe. This is the only entrance and exit for this attraction.

Q: What is the mask policy inside of Nickelodeon Universe?
A: Nickelodeon Universe guests ages three and up will be required to wear face masks at all times – including the duration of each attraction – to cover the nose and mouth. Children ages two and under and people with special medical conditions are exempt from this requirement. Guests may remove their face mask when actively eating or drinking but must be stationary + maintain appropriate social distancing.

Q: How will you be ensuring physical distancing in the Park?
A: Additional spacing between guests will be marked on all rides + ride watching areas to provide guests with the most up-to-date distancing guidance.

Q: Will there be hand sanitizer stations in the Park?
A: Touchless hand sanitizing stations have been installed throughout Nickelodeon Universe including at the entrance and exit of every ride. Guests must sanitize their hands before entering each attraction.

Q: Will there be increased cleaning throughout the Park?
A: The frequency of sanitization has been increased to ensure the Park is as safe as possible. Attractions will be sanitized after each ride by Nickelodeon Universe team members, team members will assign seats for each attraction to maintain safe social distancing + queue lines for each attraction have social distancing floor markers for guests waiting to enter an attraction.

Q: Are you giving out free face masks?

A: No, we are not distributing face masks to our guests. Guests are encouraged to bring + wear personal face masks with them when visiting Nickelodeon Universe. If you forget your mask at home, several stores + kiosks within Mall of America sell stylish + functional face masks.

Q: What are you doing to keep your employees safe?
A: The safety of everyone in Nickelodeon Universe is our top priority. You can learn about the many things we are doing to keep everyone safe by visiting MOA Safety. Our comprehensive safety plan addresses workplace/employee safety protocols. Those new protocols include providing masks, gloves and hand sanitizer to Nickelodeon Universe employees, conducting extensive education and retraining, providing additional cleaning supplies and equipment, installing sneeze guards, and other social separation barriers, and requiring all employees to receive a pre-shift temperature and health check. We also are requiring safety plans from our tenants and encouraging them to have workplace/employee safety protocols in place prior to reopening.

Our guests also play a key role in keeping people safe and healthy by adhering to social distancing requirements, washing their hands frequently, wearing a mask and, most importantly, staying home if they are sick.