Gil and Bubble Puppy

Gil is the silly, somewhat rambunctious co-host of the show. If he sees a ball, he has to throw it; if he finds an electric guitar, he has to play it; if there’s a pig costume around, he’ll be oinking in no time. Gil’s upbeat energy and insatiable curiosity are infectious, so he’s a natural star who encourages others to join him in his adventures. And you can be sure he’ll deliver some preschool-friendly slapstick humor along the way.

Bubble Puppy is a playful, boisterous little puppy with a fish tail. Though he’s particularly loyal to Gil, Bubble Puppy loves to play with all the Guppies, especially if that play involves him popping a bubble.

Upcoming Appearances

Saturday, May. 25 - Friday, May. 31

Sorry, no upcoming appearances.